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Webinar: “Revisiting the history of medieval libya”


Webinar 2021-2022

Sources, Analyses, Projects

Coordinated by Aurélien MONTEL and Sébastien GARNIER

Although Libya is well studied regarding the Ancient Greco-Latin period, it remains poorly known in the Medieval period. Taking note of this historiographic silence, the webinar Revisiting the History of Medieval Libya (7th-16th centuries) aims to reactivate academic interest in this crucial space within medieval Islam, at the junction of the Maghreb and the East, the Mediterranean and Saharan Africa.

Webinar only, third Wednesday of the month (November to June),
6pm to 7.30pm Central European Time
Webinar login link on request: libyemedievale[at]gmail.com

For programme and informations, see the poster or go to the CIHAM website.