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Second Ḥajar Online Workshop, 28 APRIL 2022

Early Islamic agriculture and water management: Talking about a “revolution”

15:45-19:00 (Brussels)

15:45 Case studies

Helena Kirchner, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

The Green Revolution between technique transfer and local adaptation: The making of a new agricultural landscape in al-Andalus

Vladimir Dabrowski, CNRS-National Museum of Natural History (Paris)

What Islamic agricultural revolution in eastern Arabia? Recent archaeobotanical discoveries (1st millennium CE)

Gideon Avni, Israel Antiquities Authority and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

A “Eurasian exchange”? The penetration of new agricultural and water management technologies into the southern Levant, 6th-10th centuries CE

17:15 Break

17:30 Discussion

Discussant: Chris Wickham, University of Oxford

Discussant: Seven Ağır, Middle East Technical University

General debate and questions

For registration (and zoom link), please write us to until April 27th.

First Ḥajar Online Workshop, 29 OCTOBER 2021

Muslim and non-Muslim identities through
material culture in the medieval Islamic world

Friday, 29th of October 2021
15:45 – 19:00 UTC+2 (Paris/Brussels time)

Chairs: Sterenn Le Maguer-Gillon (Institut Catholique de Paris) and José C. Carvajal López (University of Leicester)

First Part (speakers: 25 min each)

Marcos García-García (University of York): Eat not its flesh: food and Islamic identity during the emergence of al-Andalus (8th-11th c.)
Atiyeh Taghiei (University of California): Porous boundaries and unexpected practice: aninterdisciplinary lens on identity in early Islamic Iran
Robert Carter (Bahrain Authority for  Culture and Antiquities): Material culture, identity and faith at the Christian sites of the Arabian Gulf region (ca. 6th-9th centuries AD)

Question session (15 minutes)

Break (15 minutes)

Second Part (discussants: 25 min each)

Uriel Simonsohn, University of Haifa
Delphine Ortis, ceias-EHESS/INALCO

Open debate (30 minutes)
Public invited to participate

Free registration at
A link will be sent in due course
Deadline: 26th of October 2021

Poster: workshop_2