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First Ḥajar Online Workshop, 29 OCTOBER 2021

Muslim and non-Muslim identities through
material culture in the medieval Islamic world

Friday, 29th of October 2021
15:45 – 19:00 UTC+2 (Paris/Brussels time)

Chairs: Sterenn Le Maguer-Gillon (Institut Catholique de Paris) and José C. Carvajal López (University of Leicester)

First Part (speakers: 25 min each)

Marcos García-García (University of York): Eat not its flesh: food and Islamic identity during the emergence of al-Andalus (8th-11th c.)
Atiyeh Taghiei (University of California): Porous boundaries and unexpected practice: aninterdisciplinary lens on identity in early Islamic Iran
Robert Carter (Bahrain Authority for  Culture and Antiquities): Material culture, identity and faith at the Christian sites of the Arabian Gulf region (ca. 6th-9th centuries AD)

Question session (15 minutes)

Break (15 minutes)

Second Part (discussants: 25 min each)

Uriel Simonsohn, University of Haifa
Delphine Ortis, ceias-EHESS/INALCO

Open debate (30 minutes)
Public invited to participate

Free registration at hajararchaeology@gmail.com
A link will be sent in due course
Deadline: 26th of October 2021

Poster: workshop_2

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